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ojeito. go made easy.

Living. Working. Moving. On repeat. These days, we've all come to understand that these words are permanently linked. In fact, this is the main reason we created Ojeito: We aim to solve the problems and hiccups that come with this always-in-motion existence. 

With the clouds clearing, the future's looking brighter—and filled with more roving and roaming—than ever before. The freelance lifestyle grows by the day, and we now have more flexibility than ever before, when it comes to when and where work is getting done. Your week is more fluid between home, the office, the coffee shop, the airport lounge, the plane seat, the train seat, a shared space, and more. 

With this in mind, we needed a solution for this hybridized new era: if we’re continually on-the-go, then how can we ensure efficiency and totality when it comes to bringing along what we need? We weren’t finding the answer in the existing bag options out there; where was a carrier that showed an obsession with detail, a well-considered sense of pragmatism, an emphasis on craft and an eye for style?

So, we decided to make it ourselves. Ojeito’s Go-Kits and Go-Bags have been developed with high-level functionality at their core, without dipping out on aesthetic appeal. We’ve considered constant mobility in tandem with modern-day technology and tools, along with best-in-class fabrications. Our unique bag system starts with our Go-Bags, which you can wear cross-body and use throughout the day. This trio of Go-Bags fits seamlessly into Go-Kits which come in  backpack or tote formats  These Go-Kits modular kits have been designed to optimize your productivity and happiness levels—all while bringing a bit more ease into your life. 

We’ve thought about what it means to wake up for a call in Tokyo, take Narita Express to the airport, catch a flight to Los Angeles, and hop on a Zoom in the Uber from LAX to your AirBNB right before dinner. 

We’ve experienced the frustration of not being able to find what we want when we need it, and the anxiety of feeling disorganized—that things are not where they need to be.

As a result, we’ve zeroed in on the tiniest details of what it takes to make a bag that more of us need today, and tomorrow.

This is the Ojeito way, and the Ojeito promise: Seamless integration and convenience for lives in vibrant, demanding, and ever-changing motion. We’re go made easy.